Centre Philosophy

    • Belonging

      Here at Belmont CCCC, we promote a warm and welcoming environment that recognises the mutual benefits of collaborative partnerships and strong connections with families and the broader community. Our children feel a sense of family and this notion is further supported by our continuity of care.

    • Nurture

      A safe and trusted environment requires responsive, affectionate relationships where children have the opportunity to develop skills in exploration, self-discovery and socialisation. It is by viewing each child as capable and competent; and through encouraging interactions, that we further support each child to develop to their full potential.

    • Respect

      We further recognise that through open communication and respect for individual values, that we build a solid foundation for warm, genuine interactions, free of bias, and where the rights of each child are upheld and encouraged. By supporting family choices and via acknowledgment and implementation of cultural diversity and inclusive practices, we ensure ethical decision making that promotes equity and acceptance for all.

    • Passion

      A genuine love of learning and passion for the early years, our Educators are eager to facilitate children’s play in a variety of ways. Recognition that learning is lifelong and continual, they promote new ideas through thoughtful reflective practice.

    • Excellence

      We understand that quality education and care requires incorporating best practice through keeping up-to-date with contemporary research. This is promoted through our highly dedicated and qualified Educators who hold a strong commitment to ongoing professional development. Our high expectations and focus on continuous improvement ensures quality interactions and aesthetically pleasing environments where children engage with intention.