• What will my fees be?

    Full fees are currently $110 per day, reduced by any Child Care Subsidy (CCS) you are eligible for.  To find out what your entitlements (CCS) are please contact Centrelink through the Department of Human Services on 13 61 50, or alternatively login to your MyGov account and select Centrelink. Here select ‘Make a Claim,’ choose ‘Families – Get Started’, and then select ‘Apply for Family Assistance (including paid parental leave)’. Please note, to avoid paying full fees this must be completed prior to your child commencing.

    How is my CCS determined?

    To work out how much Child Care Subsidy you’re eligible for Centrelink will look at all of the following:

    The amount of subsidised child care you can access per fortnight applies to each child.

    To find out more detail the following is a link to a Child Care Subsidy Calculator https://www.childcaresubsidycalculator.com.au/


    What do I need to provide?

    • Spare clothes, including underwear
    • A water bottle
    • A cot sized sheet for sleep time and any comforters, i.e. dummy, rest time toy.
    • Bottles and formula – we provide cow, soy, rice and goat’s milk
    • Nappies

    Do you provide a school readiness program?

    The simple answer is yes. Both of our preschool rooms are run by highly qualified University trained Teachers. Our Educators work hard to ensure that your child is provided with a range of experiences that focus on literacy, numeracy, information technology as well as music and creative arts. Most importantly our Educators focus on of social skills such as the ability to self-regulate emotions, negotiation, and problem solve and conflict resolution.

    Whilst our longer hours assist the needs of working families, our centre along with all other preschools is assessed by ACECQA, the national early childhood governing body, in the 7 National Quality Areas, including Area 1, Programming and Practice. We are proud of the fact that our Centre has received exceeding in not only this area but also area 4, Staffing Arrangements.

    Do you charge for public holidays?

    Whilst most early childhood centres charge families for public holidays, due to the need to cover the costs of paying their Educators on these days, we do not. This means that if you take a Monday or a Friday you will not be charged when the centre closes on these days.

    What are your operation hours and closing periods?

    We are open 7:30am – 5:30pm, Monday – Friday. We are open all year round except two weeks over Christmas and public holidays.

    What if my child is sick?

    It is in everyone’s best interests that children who are unwell are kept at home to be cared for until they are better. As a group care environment, we need to ensure the health and safety of all children, to avoid outbreaks and the spread of illness throughout the centre and families. This means that if a child is sent home with a temperature of 38 degrees and above, they will need to remain at home for 24 hours after their last recorded temperature.

    What if I’m looking for casual days?

    Whilst your enrolled days are permanent, meaning they are the same each week, the centre does offer casual days to already enrolled families where available. We encourage families to notify in advance if they will be away to allow someone to take their day if needed. Here families who are away and have their day filled by another child only pay $5.50 administration fee per day that is filled.

    What information will I receive about my child?

    The Centre provides electronic portfolio’s that can be shared with the extended family twice a year, with a focus on what your child has been learning and how the Educators have tailored individual programs to meet your child’s needs and interests. Additionally, each day there is an electronic slide show which highlights key learning for that day with photos to support. Our Educators are also available for interviews across the year at times of mutual convenience.